Proscan offers a suite of products to improve the efficiency of HVAC for enterprise clients. There are many energy conservation measures available for HVAC so we will only highlight two of them on this site: Evaporative Pre-Cooling and System Rejuvenation.

Evaporative Pre-Cooling

Heat rejection is the excess heat from a cooling system which is removed by the condenser/cooling tower. Heat rejection is the total amount of heat energy which is transferred from the cool side to the warm side, plus the work carried out by the compressor.

In almost all installations heat rejection can be enhanced by evaporative cooling. This advantageous technique even makes the heat rejection possible when the outdoor air is so warm that the equipment would otherwise be locked. (Safety switches are usually installed to stop the equipment when the outdoor air is warmer than the refrigerant).

The heat rejection is sustained by:

  • Coils made of materials with high thermal conductivity, like copper or aluminum
  • Water sprayed on coils to boost their performance. (NOTE: water quality must be compatible with the coils’ material in order to minimize the mineral build-up or to avoid corrosion if the water is demineralized.)
  • Fans that force the outdoor air to flow through the coils
  • The exposed surface between the pipes and the air—more surface area increases heat rejection

System Rejuvenation

Proscan’s services go beyond preventive corrosion protection measures. Your equipment can last years longer when using our corrective services. We will restore the capacity of your equipment and postpone the replacement costs. The energy savings will quickly pay for this investment. The coils, grids, panels, piping and compressors can be protected against the devastating exposure conditions with our protective coatings. The coil capacity will be restored, headers protected and compressors and piping will get a high-quality corrosion protection. We also offer maintenance contracts that will warranty the corrosion protection system.

  • Coil protection & restoration coatings—Field applied corrosion protection that actually “Rejuvenates and Restores” marginally deteriorated aluminum coils and copper tubes with its unique aluminum impregnated polyurethane coating
  • Refrigerant system optimization—Refrigerant system optimization removes oil that has leaked from the compressor and fouled the inner wall of the evaporator and condenser tubes. This oil is an unseen insulator, creating inefficiencies on your refrigeration heat exchange surfaces.
  • Exterior cabinet protection—Coatings to withstand extreme weather and provide superior corrosion protection. It can be applied on powder coatings, rusty surfaces, galvanized or steel metals. This finish rejects dust, dirt, and it is easy to clean.
  • Cooling tower restoration coatings—With cooling tower restoration coatings, you will be able to not only extend the life of your cooling tower, but delay the capital expenditure of a new tower while maintaining costs.
  • Hot pipe coatings—Hot pipe coating is a combination of high performance, specially designed, high-temperature ceramics and resins, in a waterborne, non-flammable formula. It is used as a coating to reduce surface heat on pipes carrying hot liquid, gas or steam. Hot Pipe Coating is designed to coat surfaces that sustain temperatures up to 900°F (500°C).
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Proscan has implemented energy conservation measures for sites nationwide and in Puerto Rico.