Dedicated Crews start to finish!

Major energy projects require careful coordination of crews, schedules, tasks, and equipment. We will work with your organization to define and achieve specific goals. Proscan has a nationwide service team allowing us to maintain consistency throughout the rollout. Dedicated project managers will assemble qualified teams of our own field technicians and project support personnel committed to the success of this project— dedicated crews that will finish installations on time, per specifications.


Our people are the key to a successful implementation. Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager (PM). The PM must have critical thinking skills and the ability to resolve issues quickly when they arise.  PMs have full knowledge of the project and are proactive in communicating with the client and all team members. A communication plan for the project will be developed and distributed to Proscan’s team and the Customer’s team. The overall process will be developed for each project.

Process Example:

  1. Survey site/data collection
  2. Data review
  3. Scope development with client
  4. Execution of Deployment or Installation
  5. Ongoing progress calls and meetings
  6. Commissioning and turn over

Quality Control Components

  1. Project Manager—Proscan will assign a dedicated project manager to handle the daily management of the project. This PM works with our clients to ensure that correct information and updates regarding the project are provided per the preferred methods, i.e. progress calls, meetings, emailed spreadsheets, etc. We recommend a weekly update, but updates will also be available on demand.
  2. Pre-Installation Survey—We will survey each site before the crew arrives to gather data, i.e. for a lighting project: lamp type, fixture type, ceiling height, mounting height, anything a crew needs to retrofit a lighting system.
  3. Crew Leaders—Every crew has a leader who is responsible for the crew. They report to us the progress of crew members and recommend changes if needed. The Crew Leader also interfaces with the site manager during the installation and handles the completion form process with the manager.
  4. Completion Form—Upon completion of the installation at each site, a completion form will be signed by the site manager. This completed and signed form will be submitted with each invoice sent to the customer. The form can be customized per project, i.e. checklist of items.
  5. Auditing—The PM will review the completion forms to look for areas that may need improvement. When something is identified on a form, the PM will conduct a follow up call to the manager of that site—this process is developed with our client’s participation and approval, i.e. to be sure we are calling at appropriate (non-peak) times.
  6. Site Visits—Proscan’s management will visit (spot check) completed sites to inspect and evaluate. Our rollout teams are very experienced and we have the utmost confidence in their ability to perform well and exceed expectations. 

Sites Covered Map


Sites Converted

Proscan has implemented energy conservation measures for sites nationwide and in Puerto Rico.